Politics of an Aural Space

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In 2010, for the catalog of the exhibition ARTe SONoro (La Casa Encendida), curated by José Manuel Costa with the collaboration of Abraham Rivera, I wrote this text. Visibly inspired by Karin Bijsterveld Mechanical Sound, I tried to analyze the process of noise regulation imposed by the City Hall of Madrid at that time. Based fundamentally on acustic maps, the Brigades against Noise, and an educative textbook, the ordinances of the capital did nothing but thicken the plot surrounding the conceptual morass of the word noise. Noise as a term used with a political and economical meaning. Noise as a sound that does not produce economical value nor does it revert into money-making activities.

This study is also the origin of other projects concerning the notions of noise and silence in the cities, such as Noise City. You can find more about this here.

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