Resonance was a series of site specific sound interventions, activating the acoustic and historical space in the Museo Reina Sofía’s Sabatini Building. The programme refrains from using the auditorium and electronic amplification, which means guest artists, musicians and composers will present a series of pieces that set in motion alternative contexts for sound and contemporary music. This series lays out a set of interventions that work with unwanted echoes and resonances, developing the properties sound possesses, depending on where it is produced – a quality that the careful design of auditoriums, speakers and earphones have tried to make us forget.

  1. Alberto Bernal (with Neopercusión). Mobile. Work for a Percussion and a Performer. 24/06/2015
  2. Itziar Okariz. Performance for Palms and Rooms . 17/06/2015
  3. Rhodri Davies. Eliane Radigue: Occam I . 10/06/2015
  4. Alex Mendizabal. Concert for a Patio, a Room, ½ a Litre of Liquid Soap, Water, 248 Balloons, Taps and Etceteras, 03/06/2015
  5. Jean-Luc Guionnet y Artur Vidal. Two Simultaneous Concerts for Two Staircases. Babbling and Glossolalias. 27/05/2015
  6. Mattin, in collaboration with Maite Barreras, S​usana C​armona, Rubén Coll, Fátima Cue, J​ulie M​athieu, J​ulián M​ayorga, J​orge Ocasio Colón and Marta Sainz. Collective Performance for Voices and Vaults. 20/05/2015

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