In 2014 I produced a podcast for the RRS [Reina Sofia Radio] about the figure of the British artist Richard Hamilton which can be heard on this website. In its more than thirty minutes of duration a number of issues can be gleaned such as work, design, TV, music, money, technology or war. Moreover, and unavoidably, there are a number of other characters who make their appearance on this podcast, just as the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.

Thus, from Hamilton’s most versioned and well-known work, Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so attractive? and his 1963 self-portrait for the magazine Self-Living Arts 2, the podcasts touches on all the sounds of everyday Pop life, from motorized vacuum-cleaners to that of telephones and fridges, gramophones and TVs. Because Hamilton had many more entrenched relationships with sound than his cover for the White Album (1968) or his relationship with Brian Ferry, and so he was not deterred from giving conferences, writing texts and organizing exhibitions on the rhythms and notions of Swing, Jazz or Calypso.