The Listening Observatory


The Listening Observatory was a project developed along with Mikel R. Nieto, Xabier Erkizia y Luca Rullo for European Capital of Culture 2016 about the relationship between communication and citizenship which consists of five artistic contributions, a collective piece of research and a forum for debate and dialogue. The project’s starting points are the contours of language, perception and the consensus which we use for coexistence, and its objective is to examine a series of questions about how we perceive our surroundings, social and urban issues through hearing and contemporary artistic creation.

  1. Luz Broto. Abrogate the rules of use relating to silence. 10/10/2016
  2. Ixiar Rozas. In the end, everything happens at once. 28/09/2016
  3. María Salgado. Pre-live-recorded catalogue for any possible situation. 01/08/2016
  4. Jaume Ferrete. Deaf Voice II Strange Joke. 20/07/2016
  5. ALKU. Rara Avis. 08/07/2016
  6. Francisco López. Ghost Forest. 10/06/2016