I urge you to save this podcast in order to listen to it while you’re taking a walk or going to work in a  car or bus. And then, let yourself go. Because this radio capsule has been conceived as something listened to all at once, and edited so that the listening be entertaining and informational. A podcast to share, and also delight in its extensive research. This podcast has even been thought of as a megamix, a genre of music that became very popular in the eighties in Spain, when Miquel Fabrellas, aka Mike Platinas, broke onto the scene with his Max Mix in 1985. By 1992, this remix had spread far and wide in the Kingdom of Spain; that same year, a few sets bringing together  very different genres were made. One of them was the Maquina Total 3 megamix, which focused on the Mákina or bakalao style, and took the soundtrack and cover image from Terminator 2, a film released that same year in the Kingdom of Spain.

Along with all this, our podcast-megamix takes as a point of departure  a series of guide notes that are attached as a PDF to this website. Thus, text sounds like  a dry voice, with no space, and what is being described is matched with “stolen” sounds or plunderphony that, as John Oswald pointed out, are painstakingly reproduced and cited. A megamix that, as it is necessary to explain, is the result of a research project that began in 2020 and ends now, with this publication; it is a podcast that does not relate everything that took place in 1992, but does tell of all that makes is possible to link the anniversary of globalization–beginning 500 years prior– to how things are going thirty years after these fasti.