Calm, silence and stillness

Original Publication:
Campo de Relámpagos

Between April and June 2020, I published three texts in the magazine Campo de relámpagos with the title “Calm, silence and stillness” and, as a subtitle, “Some tools to listen to this pandemic”. In the months of stricter confinement in Madrid, I wanted to share some listening strategies through those elements close to many people in my circumstances: the song of birds, silence or music.

This worked to me, at the same time, as an excuse to make a tour for the texts of thinkers such as Ana María Ochoa, José Maceda or Mayra Estévez Trujillo, among others, as well as news, events and personal anecdotes.

Here are the corresponding links for each of the texts:
Part 1. The calm and the parrots
Part 2. The silence and the war
Part 3. The stillness and the yoga