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Dark Sound

Economics: The science that studies resources, the creation of wealth, and the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in order to satisfy human needs.

Ecology: Ecology is the science that studies the relationship between different living beings and their surroundings: “ecosystems biology.” It examines how these interactions between organisms and their environment affects characteristics such as distribution and abundance.

Realpolitik: (“politics of reality” in German) is politics or diplomacy based on practical interests and specific actions, without taking into account theory or philosophy as “policy-forming” factors. Realpolitik has been Ecuadorian governments’ argument for justifying drilling for oil.

Naturalpolitik: A term coined by Bruno Latour in reference to Realpolitik; it describes developing ecological policies that aim, in contrast to militant ecology, to renew public life by keeping intact this idea of nature invented to be poisoned.