Fanfare of Neighbor Species


For the Madrid Matadero Carnival 2022—and specifically for the parade or Gran encuentro de los camaradas terrestres [Great Meeting of Terrestrial Comrades], Susana Jiménez and I reinterpreted and remixed scores by composers such as Josquin des Prez, messiaen, Charles Butler, Michael Deal or David Rothenberg.

A fanfare that was part, too, of a Fanfarria de las Especies Compañeras [The Fanfare of Neighbor Species], coordinated by Massimiliano Casu, and accompanied by the Fanfarria Transfeminista [Transfeminist Fanfare] and the special collaboration of Estefanía Santiago with her “Tomar la forma de un pájaro es una forma de querencia” [Taking the form of a bird is a form of fondness].