Seismograph Series was a set of mixtapes created by more than twenty different artists between the months of November 2012 and November 2015. The only requirement to participate in this project was for the materials used to be licensed under some form of Creative Commons (CC). In this manner, drawing on free material, free sessions ensued.

In March 2015 my mixtape was published (that is, volume 24) where I remixed Internet-sourced, public domain recordings of NASA, and other scientific organizations taken inside spaceships, and also translations of data collected by radiotelescopes, and sonifications of the movement of particles. Everything interspersed with the voice over of scientists like Jocelyn Bell, who speaks about the Pulsar discovery; Lisa Randall, speaking about the scales between cosmology and particles physics, or Carl Sagan, who offer us one of his endearing general-audience talks.

These sessions can still be heard on the website of the same name, and also on mine — here.