Ursonate Fanzine


Ursonate has been one of the most important projects I have participated in. When Oscar Martín invited me, a large portion of issue number 0 had already been organized. It was between issue 000000001 and 000000004 that I was most actively collaborating, organizing the contributions of people from the fields of art, music, writing, curating, programming and even zoology. In its pages there was space for discussions about noise, improvisation, echoacustics, composition, performance, sound installation, sensorial immersion, computer music, ventriloquism…. We even dedicated a monographic issue to artists such as Alex Mendizabal, Roc Jimenez+Sergio Luque, Miguel Angel Ruiz, and to topics such as the public space, the electromagnetic waves, and the sound practices of the public and shared space. Ursonate Fanzine can be accessed in PDF format here and, word to the wise, I still have some copies from the last issue.