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Museo Reina Sofía



Archipelago is a very personal project that I started in 2017 and that I have shared with Rubén Coll since 2018. It’s conceived of as a listening project that tries to “teach so that learning is enjoyable”, that is, to make understanding the contemporary music landscape easy and enjoyable. 

Each edition is built on an arduous and extensive research process.  Rubén and I comprehensively study and work our way through theoretical and ethnographic references and we make an exhaustive search across European and North-African music festivals. All this with our attempt to break through our curatorship, with the boundaries between that is considered contemporary, vanguardist or experimental music in Europe and North-America and all the music that is taking place in our planet and, because of the colonial legacy, is entitled as “World Music”. 

Together with this, although with Archipelago we try to question the general idea about the experimental from the tradition, the popular and the material conditions of the music, the historical and theoretical matters that we address with each edition are always changing. In this way, we look at the artists that we schedule for making clear these questions in order to produce a progression to any of the presents in which we find ourselves. 

This is a chronological list of the artist that have participated in Archipelago:


  1. Severine Beata y Javi Álvarez + iNSANLAR
  2. Yoshi y Tashi Wada + Damián Schwartz
  3. Éliane Radigue trilogie de la mort por Emmanuel Holterbach + Agnès Pe


  1. Janneke van der Putten
  2. Hashigakari
  3. Clara de Asís
  4. Cedrick Fermont
  5. TUTU
  6. Toukadime
  7. AMMAR 808
  8. Áine O’Dwyer
  9. Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini
  10. Nadah El Shazly
  11. errorsmith
  12. DJ LAG


  1. Miguel Nava y Rafa Martín
  2. Rashad Becker
  3. Ipek Gorgun
  4. Nina García
  5. Saba Alizadeh
  6. Gaba
  7. Síria
  8. R. Vincenzo
  9. Lechuga Zafiro
  10. Udlot Udlot de José Maceda
  11. Psicolabio
  12. Chulapeiras
  13. Żywizna (Raphael Rogiński + Genowefa Lenarcik)
  14. Lea Bertucci
  15. Kolida Babo
  16. Asmâa Hamzaoui y Bnat Timbouktou
  17. Bamba Pana & Makaveli


  1. Cher-ee-lee
  2. Jessica Ekomane
  3. Lucrecia Dalt
  4. Jokkoo (Baba Sy & Mbodj)


  1. Tarta Relena
  2. Atomizador
  3. Marta De Pascalis
  4. De Schuurman


  1. Erkizia + Cantizano
  2. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
  3. Pujllay Masis
  4. Edna Martinez
  5. Mazaher