“Healthy reefs with more corals and fish generate predictably greater levels of noise, according to researchers working in Panama. This has important implications for understanding the behaviour of young fish, and provides an exciting new approach for monitoring environmental health by listening to reefs. Contrary to Jacques Cousteau’s ‘Silent World’, coral reefs are surprisingly noisy places, with fish and invertebrates producing clicks and grunts which combine to produce cacophonies of noise. Each reef is subtly different depending on the size and composition of the resident community.”

A noisy reef is a healthy reef
Smithsonian Insider

Arrecife was a concert series between September 2016 and July 2017. It was a monthly concert in which several collectives or agents of Madrid expose their trajectories and invite a representative figure, either for them or for the city, to give a concert. Arrecife aims to lay the foundations of a broad, heterodox and stable community through critical listening.

Arrecife was October 13 Silly Europeans invites Herminio Molero, November 10 Susana Jiménez Carmona on Luigi Nono, December 21 CRC/Sonikas invites Natasha Barrett, February 9 J.M. Costa invites Edith Alonso, March 9 Rotor invites M.S.B. [Most Significant Beat], April 21 Abismal invites ALPHACOM, May 11 Katarina Gurska, Música Electroacústica invites Trevor Wishart, june 15 Grupal Crew Collective invites Chin Stroke Records, July 6 La rueda de Madrid invites Nelda Piña.