Arrecife was a concert series between September 2016 and July 2017. It was a monthly concert in which several collectives or agents of Madrid expose their trajectories and invite a representative figure, either for them or for the city, to give a concert. Arrecife aims to lay the foundations of a broad, heterodox and stable community through critical listening.

  1. La rueda de Madrid invited Nelda Piña 06/07/2017
  2. Grupal Crew Collective invited Chin Stroke Records 15/06/20
  3. Katarina Gurska, Música Electroacústica invited Trevor Wishart 11/05/201
  4. Abismal invited ALPHACOM 21/04/2017
  5. Rotor invited M.S.B. [Most Significant Beat] 09/03/2017
  6. J.M. Costa invited Edith Alonso 09/02/2017
  7. Silly Europeans invited Herminio Molero 26/10/2016
  8. María Andueza invites Linda O’Keeffe 12/01/2017
  9. CRC/Sonikas invites Natasha Barrett 21/12/2016
  10. Susana Jiménez Carmona on Luigi Nono 10/11/2016