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Video: is an online publication in blog format devoted to the diffusion of aural culture, sound art, audiovisual activism and new media creation.

When it began in 2004, drawing on the culture of open software and the model of, it was conceived as a platform of free data distribution, a network before the advent of cooperative social networks. Looking back now, we were perhaps afflicted by an optimistic vision of the early 21st century Internet.

I began writing for Mediateletipos in 2007, by invitation of Chiu Longina, and through him I met the rest of members, with many of which I would later collaborate in other projects, such as Pablo Sanz, Pedro Jiménez or Mikel R. Nieto. For almost ten years I posted regularly on this blog, writing articles such as “Al aparato” [“On the Line”], about party-line or shared phone lines, the work and love of operators or the use of telephone lines in art; and “Coro de Alba en Ergesheim” [“Dawn Chorus in Ergesheim”], about that chorus of birds, insects and frogs I heard one morning very early in Alsace, and led me to think about the change in our vital cycles, in the cycles of work, and the cycles of unity that unite us but also separate us.

Moreover, besides those “independent” articles, in Mediateletipos I developed specific projects too, such as that of Sound Studies, where we collected a whole series of contents connected to thinking in sound, a line of research that later on allowed me to give my lectures on Sound Studies at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Also Cuadernos, an idea that I kickstarted and was then continued by Mikel R. Nieto, which shared interviews with several sound artists. On top of this I participated in SpanishRevolution, an initiative whose goal it was to compile the sound landscape produced by the 15-M movement, and I was tasked to write special articles on the occasion of the ten years of Radio Web Macba (RWB) and also about the research project El observatorio de escucha [The Listening Observatory]; besides having the opportunity to partake in the curatorial group of Mediateletipos for Sensxperiment, the international conference about the sensorial immersion in its 2011 edition.